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Underfloor Insulation Australia is your premier destination for top-rated underfloor insulation solutions. Our goal is to help you achieve optimal thermal energy efficiency in your home, ensuring it stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

We offer comprehensive resources for both DIY enthusiasts, those seeking expert installation advice as well as professional installers. Dive into our range of eco-friendly, cost-effective insulation products designed to enhance comfort and reduce energy bills.

Make your living space sustainable and enjoyable throughout the year.

What we offer

Energy Efficiency Expertise:
We specialise in retrofitting homes for comprehensive improvements in thermal energy-efficiency.
Top Tier Products:
We provide a wide range of DIY products along with a complete range of educational resources and DIY Guides.
Comprehensive Support:
Our support team, composed of seasoned professionals, provides friendly, knowledgeable and accurate advice.
Environmental Commitment:
We place a strong emphasis on eco-friendliness and sustainability in our products and operations - we walk the talk.

Our goal is to ensure that you get the very best outcome for your home you have a great experience dealing with us:

Explore our specialized selection of underfloor insulation products. 

After 20+ years of installing underfloor insulation, the product we used for under wooden floors and recommend to everyone from Beginner DIYers to professional installers is polyester insulation Find out why.  

We have the most extensive range of premium quality polyester rolls in a variety of R-values (from R2.0 all the way up to R4.0) and widths (from 430mm to 600mm) to cater for the widest variety of sub floors.  We also supply ceiling and wall insulation in insulation batt form.  However, for insulating under a floor we recommend polyester in roll format – not insulation batts.

What customers say

Great product
Don’t waste your money or time with the stuff from Bunnings. The ecoMaster poly floor made a huge difference to the temperature inside the house and was super easy to install.
Sam R.
You can Feel the Difference in Floor Temperature Under Your Feet!
My home’s subfloor is low enough that I couldn’t find any tradesperson to insulate it, so decided to DIY it. Needless to say, it’s a miserable process, but that’s got nothing to do with this polyester insulation. In fact, if the insulation wasn’t so good I would have given up. It’s positively pleasant to work with, tears only in one direction, just as advertised, and isn’t irritating whatsoever. The scraps make perfect pillows to lie on while working in the subfloor. Haven’t finished the whole house but under bare feet, I can already feel the difference in floor temperature in the insulated areas.
Marlon L.
The difference is extraordinary
The difference ecoMaster’s underfloor insulation has made to our Macedon Ranges residence has been extraordinary. We remained snug in winter while reducing our fuel bills and cool in summer needing neither AC or fans when the outside temperature reached 37 degrees. A very good purchase from an efficient, polite and knowledgeable company.
Graeme L.

An Energy Efficient Home Is

Warmer In Winter,

Cooler In Summer,

Is Cheaper To Run And

Is Much Better For The Environment.

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