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Every year we help homeowners save hundreds of dollars on energy bills, allowing them to enjoy warmer winters and cooler summers. Future proof your home now.

Premium Polyester Underfloor Insulation

Insulate under your timber floor with Australia’s highest rated, most energy efficient, people-friendly underfloor insulation.

Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly

Save up to 20% on your energy bills, every year, and put hundreds of dollars back into your pocket when you install the best underfloor insulation: Polyester. It also is the most reliable and eco-friendly insulation GUARANTEED TO LAST FOR 50 YEARS!

Special Size for Best Result

Unlike clumsy, standard length batts, or fixed boards, our polyester underfloor insulation is supplied in long continuous rolls, which means fewer joins for perfect coverage under your wooden floor. It is specially manufactured to 450mm wide so that it hits snugly under the majority of homes.

Doesn’t Attract Rats or Ants

The composition of polyester underfloor insulation does not appeal to rodents at all so they will not take it for food or nest in it. ecoMaster’s stapling technique ensures that there is no opportunity for them to squeeze in and create a nest under your floor boards

Stapled, Not Strapped!

ecoMaster's polyester underfloor insulation is secured with galvanised staples every 10-14cm along the edge of the floor joists. A common, but much less effective technique is to attempt to hold insulation in place with plastic packing straps. This technique rarely works in the long-term. Your home deserves a "do it once and enjoy forever" result. - use staples for long term security and hassle free benefits.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Polyester underfloor insulation is the most effective, safe and durable insulation available for insulating under any Australian floor. It makes a huge difference to the comfort of your home, keeping your winter warmth in and the summer heat out! This means you won’t have to run your heating and cooling appliances any more than necessary and can enjoy much lower energy bills too!
Without underfloor insulation your floor boards will be the same temperature as outside.  Once your floor is insulated, your floors will be much closer to the temperature inside your home. 

No.  Underfloor insulation in and of itself does not cause dampness.  It IS important to choose an underfloor insulation that is not affected by moisture - water spills can occur (from a dishwasher, washing machine, overflowing bath etc).  Polyester underfloor insulation is not affected by water and will not go mouldy.  If it gets wet, it will just dry out.

Good quality polyester underfloor insulation is guaranteed for 50 years.  It is made from up to 80% recycled polyester fibres and can be 100% recycled at the end of its life.   It is, by far, the best thing to do with a PET bottle! 

Polyester underfloor insulation is high-performance, low allergenic, moisture and rodent resistant, and it maintains its loft for the lifetime of your home.  It will not carry a flame and does not contain glass fibres that cause your skin to itch.

It’s less than you’d think! You only need around 40cm clearance under a floor to install your insulation. That’s just a little bit under knee height.

Yes!!  We provide the best quality product as well as detailed online videos to show you how easy it is to do.  Check out our ecoMasterClass for more details. 

The cost of the insulation will depend on the size of your home, which product your choose and freight costs.   Inquire now to get FREE pricing

Reviews from Real Customers
“We’ve noticed warmer floorboards … and turning central heating down”

As usual your team was sensational, and lovely to be around too. The floor insulation seems to be working well. I think that what we’ve noticed so far is warmer floorboards – throwing off blankets at night and having to turn the central heating down and I think that it’s been turning itself off more regularly as it reaches and sustains the warmth in the house – so all in all we’ve noticed positive changes. We’ll probably save up for some retrofit windows next. Thanks again.

Georgina Williamson
Daylesford Victoria

“Warm as toast again tonight. The difference is incredible.”

 The ecoMaster guys were cheerful, professional and diligent in their work – despite the challenging weather conditions. The impact of the underfloor insulation, in particular, was immediate. I could literally feel the temperature change as the each roll of insulation went in. Quite remarkable. I could pin point exactly where the guys were under the house by the warmth of the floor. For the first time our house is toasty, the heat from our modest heating system is staying in the house. Being able to walk from room to room without a change in temperature is heaven! We’ve already recommended ecoMaster to a number of friends.

Tracee and Simon
Albion Victoria

“Great bunch of installers – so professional”

Can’t get over the difference. Can get out of bed in the morning without rushing for two jumpers and ugg boots and work in my study without a heater! … And what I great bunch of installers – so professional.

JDi Gatehouse
Woodend Victoria

2 Types of Underfloor Insulation

We offer the highest quality polyester underfloor insulation in two ways. Choose which one suits you.

Professional Installation

Whilst we no longer install insulation ourselves, we know the industry very well and may be able to direct you to a quality installer in your area. 

Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

ecoMaster provides you with everything you need to install underfloor insulation yourself – insulation, staplers and staples.

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