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Experience the Extraordinary Comfort with ecoMaster's Underfloor Insulation.

The difference ecoMaster’s underfloor insulation has made to our Macedon Ranges residence has been extraordinary. We remained snug in winter while reducing our fuel bills and cool in summer needing neither AC or fans when the outside temperature reached 37 degrees. A very good purchase from an efficient, polite and knowledgeable company.

Graeme L.

Expert Advice on Wall and Ceiling Poly Insulation - Get it Right the First Time with ecoMaster

Wall and ceiling poly insulation

I spoke with ecoMaster before ordering to make sure I didn’t over order like last time. The advice and expertise were excellent and will definitely order again.

Anne K.

You can Feel the Difference in Floor Temperature Under Your Feet!

My home’s subfloor is low enough that I couldn’t find any tradesperson to insulate it, so decided to DIY it. Needless to say, it’s a miserable process, but that’s got nothing to do with this polyester insulation. In fact, if the insulation wasn’t so good I would have given up. It’s positively pleasant to work with, tears only in one direction, just as advertised, and isn’t irritating whatsoever. The scraps make perfect pillows to lie on while working in the subfloor. Haven’t finished the whole house but under bare feet, I can already feel the difference in floor temperature in the insulated areas.

Marlon L. - ACT

Find Out How the ecoMaster Value Poly Floor Makes a Huge Difference to Your Home Temperature - No More Wasted Money or Time with Bunnings!

Great product

Don’t waste your money or time with the stuff from Bunnings. The ecoMaster poly floor made a huge difference to the temperature inside the house and was super easy to install.

Sam R. - Victoria

Experience Quality Poly Wall Insulation Batts Delivered Straight to Your Door if you live in Melbourne!"

Poly Wall Insulation batts

Ordered online and collected product myself. Great product, service and advice from Ecomaster. Would definitely recommend.

Sharyn O. - Victoria

Shop the NEW Value Poly Ceiling and/or Wall insulation.

Available in Victoria.  Deliver to your door or collect in Melbourne

Experience Immediate Warmth with This Great Product

Great product, noticed a substantial difference

Great product, noticed a substantial difference immediately ….. maybe 4/5⁰ warmer over all.

Toby A.

Experience Comfort and Efficiency with Easy-to-Install Insulation for Older Homes

Great product that works well and is made from a fair amount of recycled bottles

This product is really great especially for older homes with difficult to insulate the walls. The product is easy to install with a powered staple gun and lots of drop sheets to keep the insulation free from dirt. Nothing is worst than dirt falling into your eyes during installation. I am personally using an air stapler with 14-16mm staples.

The product rips sideways with ease, which is very handy when your working within the underfloor crawl space . I did find that the product seems to have a smoother exterior on one side that is better to have facing down (externally). The other side is more “fluffy” and easier to accidentally disturb when installed.

It is significantly better to work with than regular glass fiber batts that I have experienced fixing the existing roof insulation. Effectively it is the same stuff in most pillows and is ironically comfy to lay on when having a brief rest under the floor.

The only pain personally has been installation in a 70+ years house with multiple retrofits sometimes done poorly that makes the insulation harder in some areas. Things like copper water pipe upgrades from older gal pipes that are dangling on the floor; electrical wiring upgrades with wires everywhere (old unearthed and new); and concrete stump replacements with soil piles blocking underfloor access with moving the dirt piles.

So far I have installed about 80m2 of the insulation in my home by myself on a few weekends. I have a few more rooms to do, but it is making a huge difference to the comfort of the home. The insulated floors aren’t freezing anymore and people visiting are commenting on how “warm the place is.” The product is great!

George M.

You Can Feel the Difference with Our House Heating: Working with Polyester Was Easy!

Great service great product

Fast response

The difference in our house heating was noticeable as soon as we finished.

Working with polyester, too easy.

Glen F.

Experience Easy and Stress-Free Installation with On-Time Delivery for Your Product!

Great product to install

Firstly, I asked for delivery on a specific day and was very happy that it arrived on time.

The product is easy to install. There’s no irritation as with normal batts, and the installation videos meant I knew exactly what I was doing from the start.

I’ve given 4 stars for the delivery and ease of installation, but of course I have no idea about thermal performance until we get a chance to try it out!

Annura S. - Batemans Bay

Polymax - Polyester Roof and Ceiling Insulation Batts | ecomaster

Polymax - Polyester Wall Insulation Batts | ecoMaster

Polymax - Polyester Underfloor Insulation | ecoMaster

Shop Polymax Insulation for Ceilings, Walls and Underfloor.

Available in many major areas throughout Australia

Polymax is available in: ACT, NSW, SA, VIC, WA

Albury, Blue Mountains, Batemans Bay, Coffs Harbour, Gosford, Newcastle, Orange, Wagga Wagga, Wollongong

Enjoy the Durability and Comfort of Value Poly Polyester Insulation in Victoria

Worked well. Insulation was tearable

Worked well. Insulation was tearable across the length but otherwise very tough for something that looks like fluffy clouds. Not the easiest work crawling under the floor but you can see where you have been.

Elizabeth W. - Victoria

Get Quality Value Poly Underfloor Insulation at an Affordable Price with Outstanding Service and Support

Excellent service

No fuss, good advice and brilliant instructional material to make the job simple. Great price too for Value Poly Underfloor Insulation

Ian G. - Victoria

Experience Excellent Customer Service and Quality Products with Ecomaster

Why I would recommend Ecomaster

The staff at ecoMaster were friendly and efficient. And this continued after delivery, which was important to me, as I needed some guidance with installation. This was provided with alacrity and a tone of “no worries – that’s what we’re here for”. So well done, Ecomaster – the stuff is now installed correctly, and I’m looking forward to a warmer winter this year!

David H. - Victoria

Value Poly Ceiling Insulation (Victoria Only)

Value Poly Wall Insulation (Victoria Only)

Shop the NEW Value Poly Ceiling and/or Wall insulation.

Available in Victoria.  Deliver to your door or collect in Melbourne

Easily Insulate Confined Spaces with Polymax Polyester Underfloor Insulation

Easy to work with

Great stuff.  Polymax Polyester underfloor insulation easy to work with in a confined space. Holds in place easily prior to stapling. Note installation video shows the product as a green colour, however it is white. Details of the most suitable battery stapler should be included for those who are buying one. What voltage size etc. I was 1 roll short however the delivery quantity is only in 3.s…So I had to finish off with another product which was not as easy to install

A.M. - Brisbane

NOTE TO AM’S QUESTION:  Underfloor Insulation Australia have found the best stapler to use for installing insulation is a professional grade Milwaukee M12 stapler that’s double insulated for additional safety and protection against electrocution!

The ecoMaster Rental Service hires out trade quality staplers (Easy Install Kit) to people who can collect in Melbourne.

Polymax Polyester Insulation for Instant Results Inside Your Home!

Easy to DIY install. Instant results achieved inside the house. Recommended.

Sam D. - Sydney

Making Your Home More Comfortable: My Experience Installing Insulation in an Old House

I’m more comfortable

My handyman installed the insulation and my husband and I really think it has made a difference to our indoor comfort, especially in the bedroom which is in the southwest corner. This room tended to have a creepy dampish smell and feeling. I was a bit confused when the rolls came and there wasn’t the sort of surface on it I was expecting. I thought it would be a little bit more rigid. We had to string wire between the joists to make sure it didn’t sag. I’m hoping it all stays put–so far so good. This is an old house so it had no insulation. Now we’ve done the roof and the floor. Unfortunately the walls seem too much of a challenge but we’re happy with what we have done. 


The ecoMaster Store Delivers Quality Polymax Polyester Insulation On Time with Great Service

Great Service

Helpful and informative and delivered on time

Roger B. - Canberra

Quick and Easy Installation of Polymax Polyester Underfloor Insulation with helpful Instructional Videos

Delivered quickly and easy to

Delivered quickly and Polymax Polyester Underfloor Insulation is easy to install. The instructional videos are very helpful.

Tom W. - Canberra

Achieving Greater Thermal & Sound Insulation with Ecomaster's Polyester Underfloor Insulation"

Polyester Underfloor Insulation Great product

I ultimately chose this polyester insulation due to its greater density which should also provide better sound insulation as well as the R2.5 thermal insulation. One side of the batt is slightly more dense in the first 5 – 10mm giving me greater confidence to staple through the batt and have it remain securely fixed in place.

It was a pleasure dealing with Ecomaster, and I found the YouTube videos really helpful. Looking forward to dealing with Ecomaster again when we come to insulate our walls.

Harley V. - Melbourne

Value Poly Underfloor Insulation - Easy to Install for an Under Floor Retro Fix - Great Phone & Email Support!

Easy to install

Easy to use for an under floor retro fix. Used some of the left overs to insulate my walls. Great phone and email support when I had specific installation questions. I hired the staple gun too and a good return work-around was organized (due to Covid restrictions).

Double check that the staples are suitable for the staple gun you are using – Maurice noticed that I had ordered the wrong staples and rectified it before delivery thankfully.

Sian J. - Victoria

Polymax - Polyester Roof and Ceiling Insulation Batts | ecomaster

Polymax - Polyester Wall Insulation Batts | ecoMaster

Polymax - Polyester Underfloor Insulation | ecoMaster

Shop Polymax Insulation for Ceilings, Walls and Underfloor.

Available in many major areas throughout Australia

Polymax is available in: ACT, NSW, SA, VIC, WA

Albury, Blue Mountains, Batemans Bay, Coffs Harbour, Gosford, Newcastle, Orange, Wagga Wagga, Wollongong

Feel the Difference with Polymax R2.5 Polyester Underfloor Insulation in Sydney, NSW

Good product to work with

Good product to work with

Noticeable difference in temperature

Nathan C. - Sydney

Discover the Benefits of Installing The Right Stuff to Your Flooring

The right Stuff

have installed under the baltic pine floor of a bedroom and hallway.

The effects are subtle – like the difference between being in the wind on a cold day and then finding a spot out of the wind. The sense that rather than having the floor actively suck the heat out of you, it’s just a cool surface. Certainly more tolerable.

The three rolls in each pack were uniform and without flaws, and fitted nicely into my 450mm joist spacing. I found the $40 Ozito staple gun was fine for stapling it up, even into the 100-year-old hardwood joists. Makes me want to put some under the kitchen floor, even though in a year or so we’ll probably be tearing that whole section of floor up…

Peter A. Victoria

Experience Outstanding Service - Prompt, Courteous, Flexible & Friendly

Great service

Prompt, courteous, flexible and friendly service with oodles of information given so that one could make a truly informed decision. The product was just what we were after.

Karen H. - Brisbane

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