Lower Energy Bills

Over the last ten years energy prices have skyrocketed by 117 per cent, leading to financial strain on households.  Adding to this financial burden are further increasing energy costs, unpredictable climate events and unprecedented fluctuating temperatures.  Poorly insulated ceilings, walls and floors can add 50 percent to a households energy costs.

If high energy bills and discomfort in your home have become a problem, consider embarking on a journey of exploring home thermal retrofit solutions. At first, it may seem overwhelming, but finding effective ways to lower energy costs involves putting together the pieces of a home thermal retrofit puzzle.

A home thermal retrofit is all about upgrading your home to achieve energy efficiency and comfortable temperature control. This involves incorporating various solutions such as floor, wall, and ceiling insulation; controlled air ventilation through open windows, doors, chimneys and vents; shading; zoning; secondary glazing or double glazing;  hot water and air conditioning upgrades; and the installation of solar panels with batteries.

You can undertake many of these projects yourself by taking a phased approach to your home thermal retrofit to achieve the best results. Rather than attempting to tackle all of the needed upgrades in one go, prioritise and gradually work on each element to experience the benefits as you go.

An excellent starting point is to improve your home’s insulation in the ceiling, walls, and underfloor, making a significant difference to retain more heat in winter and keep your home cooler in the summer. Sealing any air leaks around doors, windows, and other areas of your home is also useful in preventing energy loss.

By taking a phased DIY approach you will notice the benefits at each stage of the journey. Your home will become more comfortable, and energy savings will be noticeable on your bills. Ultimately, you will arrive at your destination with a comfortable, very low energy cost home.

It is the only way for our future. With climate change becoming a major concern around the world, it’s crucial that we all start taking steps to reduce our carbon emissions.  Fortunately, we can do that in such a way that bring the benefits of reducing our cost of living by saving on energy bills while improving the energy efficiency of our homes. B y taking a phased approach to your home thermal retrofit, you can make a difference for the environment while also improving your own quality of life for the duration of time you spend in your home. 

Home Thermal Retrofit Solutions: A Phased DIY Approach to Lower Energy Bills and Improve Comfort

For every piece of the Thermal Retrofit Puzzle you complete your energy bills will continue to reduce.

Some of our clients have saved more than 50% whilst others have reached an almost zero dollar energy bill.