Reduce Noise Levels

With our modern lifestyle, it’s becoming increasingly harder to escape noise pollution. Whether it’s the sound of traffic, people walking past your home, birds chirping or other noises, external sound can negatively impact our wellbeing. 


Whilst our Polyester Insulation is not designed to block out noise completely, it does help to reduce sound transmission. This means that you can still hear sounds from outside, but they will be less and if you have fully draught proofed your home with the right products,  your home will be quieter making it much easier to relax and reduce stress levels.


If you live in a particularly noisy areas where sound pollution is a significant concern then you do need to use an advanced soundproofing acoustic insulation to block out external noises, such as high traffic, airlines, buses, trains and noisy neighbours. There are a number of different types of soundproofing and acoustic insulation products available in Australia, some of them are part of our range. 


Installing Polyester Insulation in your home will help reduce noise levels but also help you to save on energy costs. By retaining heat in your home, you will require less energy to keep it warm. 


You can enjoy a quieter, more comfortable living environment, with our Polyester Insulation and ecoMaster Draught Proofing products.  The combination is a great choice for many built up areas

Reduce Outside Noise with Our Polyester Insulation and Effective Draught-Proofing.

A well insulated home has significant benefits for you, the economy and the future of the environment 

An Energy Efficient Home Is

Warmer In Winter,

Cooler In Summer,

Is Cheaper To Run And

Is Much Better For The Environment.

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