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Founded by Maurice and Lyn Beinat,

Underfloor Insulation Australia Paves the Way

Underfloor Insulation Australia, is a division of ecoMaster, Australia’s Masters in home comfort, liveability and energy savings.  ecoMaster is a family owned, Australian business founded in the early 2000’s by husband and wife team Lyn and Maurice Beinat. 

Underfloor Insulation Australia,  is devoted to delivering residential insulation products that boast superior thermal efficiency, durability, and safety during installation and in-home use. They only endorse and sell insulation that comply with these stringent standards, and are delighted to now provide wall and ceiling insulation of the same exceptional quality.


Since Maurice first dedicated himself to making his own home as energy efficient as possible in the early 2000’s, ecoMaster has grown to become a leader in the industry. Throughout their journey of testing, reviewing and redesigning insulation materials, Maurice and the ecoMaster team have won an impressive 19 awards for Professionalism, Customer Service, Innovation & Enterprise and Sustainability.


They have paved the way for significant improvements in the insulation industry.  For instance, they discovered that stapling polyester underfloor insulation in place was the best method for long-term quality solutions. As they searched for more efficient solutions, they asked suppliers to provide insulation batts in rolls instead of bags and designed a width cut at 450mm wide between joists to allow the material to be stapled easily. Their hard work eventually led them to co-develop an affordable  R2.5 underfloor insulation product.


To make sure this positive development is available to everyone, ecoMaster created easy-to-follow video instructions on how to install Polyester underfloor, wall and ceiling insulation.

“We are dedicated to helping our customers save energy and money through innovative, superior quality insulation products. Our experience in the home insulation industry has enabled us to provide reliable solutions for all your needs. Through our commitment to excellence and innovation, we are proud to have earned 19 awards throughout our journey. Visit our ecoMasterStore to shop our selection of affordable and efficient insulation products. We look forward to helping you improve your energy efficiency, increase your home comfort, increase your property value and sustainability, save money and help the environment.”  Lyn and Maurice Beinat

An Energy Efficient Home Is

Warmer In Winter,

Cooler In Summer,

Is Cheaper To Run And

Is Much Better For The Environment.

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