Reduce Carbon Emissions

The demand is exceeding the supply of energy resources worldwide.

1. World unrest, politics, population growth, housing growth and natural disasters are creating an increased demand on energy supplies worldwide.

2. Extreme weather conditions, heat, cold, rain, droughts, storms, rain bombs, cyclones are all impacting significantly on energy use and needs.

3. Alternative energy sources are not yet able to meet the world’s demand – the world’s demand impacts Australia and we as individuals are impacted by this domino effect.

4. The average standard households in Australia are responsible for an average of 20 tonnes of CO2e per year.

5. The UN has advised that household’s emissions must reduce by 90% by 2050.

6. Every household in Australia can make a difference by having a well insulated house (and draught proofed house) to reduce their heating and cooling dependency on energy supplies.

Whilst insulating your home will make your life more comfortable, help you save or reallocate your money, make your home healthier, you are also starting to climate proof your home to meet the future’s increasing number of unexpected weather and climate events. 

Do you know how much carbon dioxide (CO2e) your home releases? We’re constantly hearing about this issue in the news, but it’s easy to forget that each of us can make a difference by making our households more energy efficient.