Best R2.5 Polyester Rolls for Under the House

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We are serious about improving the energy efficiency and thermal comfort of your home. So serious that we have put in arduous years of research and product development in coming up with high-quality insulation materials that give you your money’s worth.

One of the best products ecoMaster offers to homeowners suffering from astronomical energy bills is the R2.5 Polyester Rolls. Installed under a house’s floorboards, our Polyester Insulation combines superior durability and eco-friendliness, making the product the best insulation material available in the market.

Why is Underfloor Insulation essential to my home?

Your underfloor area is as big as your ceiling which is penetrable by heat and cold. A poorly insulated floor will not protect your home from unwanted heat gain in summer and will allow your expensive heating to escape in the colder months, costing you a fortune in energy bills.
Without underfloor insulation, the cold air beneath your sub-floor permeates the timber making your home cold and uncomfortable. A timber floor is just 19mm thick, this combined with possible air leakage, create a heat sink beneath your home, drawing the heat out from below.

Insulation is measured in terms of ‘R’ value, which represents “Resistance to Heat”, the higher the ‘R’ value, the better the insulation. An uninsulated floor rates only R0.7. While carpet and underlay will make you feel more comfortable underfoot it only contributes slightly to the R rating (approximately R0.3), giving a total of just R1.0, which is an insufficient rating for a comfortable home.

Underfloor insulation can literally add a layer of comfort to your floors. It increases your floor’s R rating, and make a huge improvement to your comfort.

What makes Polyester superior from other insulations?

ecoMaster’s underfloor insulation is 100% polyester and is selected based on its exceptional quality and effectiveness. Unlike commonly used insulations (i.e. fibreglass batts, foam boards, and reflective foils) this product is high-performance, low allergenic, moisture and rodent resistant, and it maintains its loft for the lifetime of your home. This is a fact which we have verified and proven by conducting a number of product tests to see how polyester holds up against moisture, flame, tearing, and compression.

It comes in long rolls, which means fewer joins for the best possible cover and no gaps.

Moreover, the addition of our premium R 2.5 underfloor insulation will take the overall Rating of your floor up to a massive R 3.2 or R3.5 with carpet, earning a higher Energy Star Rating for your home and much more comfort for your household. This insulation is also very easy to install. Homeowners can either choose to install it on their own or have our team install it for you.

Make a massive difference in your thermal comfort during winter and summer while bringing down your overall energy cost. Install your own Underfloor Polyester Insulation now.

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