Installation Guide

Polyester underfloor insulation is the most effective, safe and durable insulation available for insulating under wooden and steel joist floors. Sub floor insulation makes a huge difference to the comfort of your home, keeping your winter warmth in and the summer heat out! This means you won’t have to run your heating and cooling appliances as often and will enjoy much lower energy bills too!

Depending upon your circumstances, we have a few different guides to help you achieve a great result.   But basically the process is as follows: 

  • Prepare the area by laying tarps between stumps (this is to keep your insulation clean) 
  • Arrange someone to feed the insulation under the floor – it like unrolling a roll of paper towel
  • Pull the insulation along the tarp to your starting location
  • Press the insulation up in between each joist. The material will fit snuggly, making excellent contact with your floorboards and holding in situ while it is stapled firmly into place.
  • Next pinch and staple the material to the inside edge of the joist. This is where the extra 20mm comes into play.  It makes it much easier and provides wiggle room to install insulation where the joists are not spaced out exactly. 
  • Once stapled into place,  insulation will “pillow” slightly giving you extra benefit of the additional loft, even though a standard joist is generally only 90mm deep.
  • IT IS CRITICALLY IMPORTANT – that the insulation fills right up to the floorboards.  Do not leave any space between the insulation and the floorboards.   This will ensure rodents and other pesties have no space to gather. 

These four guides will help you to install underfloor insulation: 

  • Under an existing home with a wooden or timber floor 
  • During an extensive renovation when the floor boards have been lifted out 
  • During a new build where the benefit of polyester really adds value.  It is rains during the installation process, your insulation will not need to be replaced! 
  • Where you have steel joists under your floor

If installing underfloor insulation is not for you, please contact us and we may be able to provide you with an installation company that will do a great job!

How to Insulate Under a Wooden Floor Guides: