Easy-to-Measure Guide for Underfloor Insulation

DIY Underfloor Insulation: How much do I need?

Are you wondering how much insulation you need to insulate an area of your home? We’ve got your home covered. This Easy-to-Measure guide is designed to support you in measuring and calculating the amount of packs required to cover your space.

How to Measure Your Home’s Floor Area

Step 1: Consider your home from a bird’s eye view and divide it into manageable shapes. (If your home is a square or rectangle, you can calculate the entire area in one sum.)

Step 2: Measure the area of each shape by multiplying their length by their width, this will give you the square meterage (m²) for each section.

Step 3: Add each shape’s area together to find the total area of your home.

How to Calculate How Much Insulation You Need

Locate the size of your home on the chart below to check how many rolls you will need to insulate the area properly. Please note that the underfloor insulation rolls are available in packs of three.

Table of How Much Insulation is Needed