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Quality insulation, superior energy efficiency and thermal comfort and long-term performance, that’s the ecoMaster way.

Determined to uncover the highest quality insulation solution available, thermal comfort expert, Maurice Beinat inspected thousands of Australian homes. What he discovered will change your mind about insulation forever.

Maurice’s search for the best quality insulation began when he dedicated himself to making his own home as efficient to heat and cool as possible; a project that opened up a world of testing, reviewing and, in many cases, redesigning what the market had to offer. Maurice was shocked to find that while most homes had nothing protecting them from below at all, the homes that did were hardly doing any better.

He visited thousands of homes to compare every underfloor insulation option there is; fibreglass batts, foam boards, reflective foils, you name it, he’s seen it. And he’s seen it at its worst.

He quickly learned that there is much to consider when looking for the best quality underfloor insulation.

  • The R-value, that is, resistance to heat – is it going to deliver the best possible insulation performance?
  • Is it a durable material that will hold its loft (its thickness) for the lifetime of a home?
  • Is it safe, non-allergenic and low-irritant?
  • How does the insulation react to water, rodents and in the event of a fire?
  • How long will the securing method hold the insulation between the joists?
As an environmental enthusiast, Maurice was disappointed by the resources wasted on poor quality insulation attempts and determined to find an eco-friendly alternative that was going be durable and, most importantly, keep ecoMaster clients comfortable and their energy bills down! After extensive testing, Maurice discovered the benefits of polyester and confirmed it to be the highest quality insulation available. So much so that he’s been recommending it with confidence for over a decade

“Using high quality insulation and a securing method that will hold that material firmly against the floorboards is key. Poor quality insulation solutions can’t be effective no matter how hard you try. What you use and how you install it both count in equal measures. That’s why I’ll only ever use polyester.” – Maurice Beinat


ecoMaster uses the best polyester insulation available in Australia. Made to the highest industry specification, by the best manufacturer. It is unique.

• R2.5 polyester insulation
• 450 mm wide
• 11.6 m long
• 120 mm loft
• 1300 grams per m²

Purchased in packs:
Contains 3 rolls
Coverage 15 m²
1300mm x 1350mm


• Rated at R2.5 – it is 25% better than R2.0 you get a warmer floor in winter and keep your air conditioning longer in summer

• 450mm wide – allows you a bit more “wiggle room” when installing.  Your joists are 430mm wide, so the extra 20mm will make sure you can staple it easily into place

• 11.6 metre rolls –  are much easier to handle under a floor than hundreds of batts.  This means a much faster install time with fewer joins

• 120mm loft – this insulation will fill the space from floor board to the bottom of the joist – no chance for rodents to make their bed under your floor – and it will keep you even more cosy

• 1300 grams per m² – a fantastically dense product.  This is a heavy weight product – the envy of other polyester manufacturers


Polyester insulation is thick and robust, holding its loft (thickness) for the lifetime of your home. We don’t vacuum pack our insulation, ensuring it arrives at your home at 100% loft for best thermal performance and ease of installation.


Polyester underfloor insulation is the most durable insulation available. It doesn’t appeal to rodents, is unaffected by moisture and is the only material that can be secured with staples. This material will stand the test of time.


Our underfloor insulation is a 45% recycled, heat-bonded polyester, which means it doesn’t have loose fibres that can be inhaled or irritate the skin. It’s so safe that our bedding is made of the same material!