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The Greater Hobart area was the first Australian city to have a Casino in 1973, and is home of the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA).

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Why our underfloor insulation stands out against other available

We only provide superb underfloor insulation.

Unlike other insulation available ours is:

  • Manufactured In Australia
  • 100% Polyester
  • Rodent Resistant- Rats And Mice Don’t Like It, Won’t Eat It, And Won’t Nest In It
  • Hydrophobic, Does Not Hold Moisture
  • Not Affected By Mould Or Mildew
  • Proven Highly Effective Insulation
  • Contains Up To 80% Recycled Fibre
  • Heat-bonded, With No Binding Chemicals Or Glues
  • Not Itchy, No Glass Fibres In Your Skin, Eyes, Or Lungs
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Non-irritant, Non-toxic, Non-allergenic, And Non-respirable
  • Tested In Accordance With Australian Standards As 1530.3
  • Complies With AS 4859.1
  • Non Flammable (Will Not Hold A Flame)
  • Can Save You Up To 20% On Heating/cooling Bills
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Do you have enough space under your floor?

We recommend having at least 40cm of clearance in order to complete your underfloor insulation installation.

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We have been around for nearly two decades.

Maurice has always been a leader in the energy efficiency industry.

Maurice’s search for the best quality insulation began when he dedicated himself to making his own home as efficient to heat and cool as possible; a project that opened up a world of testing, reviewing and, in many cases, redesigning what the market had to offer.

Underfloor insulation was a very new concept in 2004, so Maurice and the ecoMaster crews experimented with a host of different products and fixing methods – eventually settling on polyester insulation stapled in place.  There are other methods that are quicker – but none lasted the test of time – and gravity!   When you are looking for solutions for your underfloor insulation, you have to look for long term quality solutions.

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The polyester’s strong, heat-bonded fibres can be secured with staples for long term energy saving insulation. Specially manufactured in rolls, insulation requires fewer joins and is easier to install than ordinary insulation materials. This insulation is designed with tropical and dry climates in mind.If you are outside of Tasmania, and want flooring insulation, please see our great underfloor insulation based on the state you are in.

Looking for Something Else?

At ecoMaster we believe that the energy efficiency of any building can be improved without structural change. Our retrofit solutions are designed to optimise the thermal efficiency of existing buildings, meaning that they require less energy to keep at a comfortable temperature. 

Our expertise spans: tailored thermal efficiency assessments; professional draught proofing; secondary glazing; and ceiling, underfloor and wall insulation.

Polymax can help your home become more energy efficient, lower carbon emissions, and save on energy consumption
Delivery is available in the following and surrounding areas:
Greater Hobart

If you are unsure if we will deliver to your home, call us to find out.

If you are outside of Tasmania, and want flooring insulation, please see our superb underfloor insulation based on the state you are in.

Client Review

“Ordered my insulation to be delivered in Tasmania and expected it be be delayed but it arrived on the exact day early morning and couldn’t be happier. The people at EcoMaster know their products, are great to deal with and you get what you ask for. Would highly recommend. “

-Graham S

Have a look at our ecoMasterClass for Underfloor Insulation for advice, tips & tricks for DIY underfloor insulation.