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Insulate under your timber floor with Australia’s highest rated, most energy efficient, eco-friendly underfloor insulation

Future proof your home now – smart!

Is this you?

  • Timber floor boards?
  • Is your home freezing in winter?
  • And is it too hot in summer?
  • Are your energy bills too high?  
  • And getting even higher?
  • Want to live more sustainably?
  • Getting ready for solar panels?
  • Or batteries?

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14 Reasons why you found the best underfloor insulation:

  • Pays for itself in less than 2 years
  • Ongoing comfort with no ongoing costs!
  • Save 20% of your energy bill – every year
  • Energy efficiency for the life of your home  
  • Prevents draughts through your floor
  • Guaranteed for 50 years
  • Does not hold moisture
  • No itchy glass splinters
  • Non-allergenic material – safe!!
  • No formaldehyde
  • Fire resistant
  • Eco-friendly – made from recycled PET bottles
  • Australian made  
  • Exceeds the Building Code of Australia standards

Underfloor insulation protects your home from below, keeping your lovely winter warmth in and the summer heat out!

This means that, when your home is protected by polyester underfloor insulation, you’ll need less heating and cooling to keep your home comfortable, keeping your energy bills to an absolute minimum.

Polyester underfloor insulation is proven to be the safest, most effective, long-lasting insulation available.

★ 50 Year Guarantee

Polyester underfloor insulation is the most durable insulation available. It doesn’t appeal to rodents, is unaffected by moisture and is the only material that can be secured with staples. This material will stand the test of time.

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♻ Safe and Eco-Friendly

Our underfloor insulation is a 45% recycled, heat-bonded polyester, which means it doesn’t have loose fibres that can be inhaled or irritate the skin. It’s so safe that our bedding is made of the same material!

More About Polyester

⛅ Superior Thermal Comfort

Polyester insulation is thick and robust, holding its loft (thickness) for the lifetime of your home. We don’t vacuum pack our insulation, ensuring it arrives at your home at 100% loft for best thermal performance and ease of installation.

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