Why Polyester Insulation Is a Safe and Eco-Friendly Choice for Under Your Home

When it comes to insulating your home, not all materials are created equal. Polyester insulation stands out as a superior option for those seeking an eco-friendly and safe solution. Let’s explore why polyester insulation is an excellent choice for environmentally conscious homeowners and those concerned about safety. Eco-Friendly Features Polyester insulation is renowned for its […]

Difference between underfloor insulation and underfloor heating 

Let’s Break It Down: Underfloor Heating vs. Underfloor Insulation Are you thinking about making your home’s floors a little cosier? You might be weighing the options between underfloor heating and underfloor insulation. Although they both deal with floor temperature, they do their jobs quite differently. Let’s dive into what makes each option unique, and perhaps […]

Is underfloor insulation cost effective?

under floor insulation

Why Underfloor Insulation Is a Win-Win for Your Wallet and Your Home If you’re eyeing ways to cut down on your heating and cooling costs without breaking the bank, underfloor insulation might just be the perfect fix. It’s like giving your home thick, snug, woollen socks that pays for itself, and then some, by slashing […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Packing Strap to Install Underfloor Insulation

When insulating under your floor, choosing the right method to secure the insulation is crucial for its effectiveness and longevity. While packing straps might seem like a quick and easy solution, they are far from ideal.    There are three compelling reasons to avoid using packing straps: they fail to provide sufficient support, they attract […]

How to Install Under Floor Insulation in a Major Renovation

polyester underfloor insulation fitted from the top

We Aussies have a deep-rooted passion for renovating old homes, cherishing the blend of historical charm with modern conveniences. This cultural affinity is driven by the desire to preserve the character of older homes while upgrading them with new fixtures and fittings to suit contemporary lifestyles. Beyond aesthetics, there is a growing recognition that older […]

How to Install Underfloor Insulation in a New Build Home

Installing underfloor insulation in a new build home is an essential step towards achieving superior energy efficiency and optimal comfort. In new constructions, you have the unique advantage of easy access to floor joists before the floorboards are laid, allowing for a seamless and thorough insulation process.  By proactively addressing underfloor insulation during the building […]